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Experience the LashMi difference!

Your eyes are VERY important because sometimes it is forgotten just how vital the eyes & eyelashes are; services are done differently here at LashMi as we believe in quality over quantity. 

For every eyelash extension appointment (except "Express fills") your lashes will receive an included "Lash Bath" pre-cleanse prior to extension application to maximize retention as well as help maintain healthy eyes by preventing the chance of bacteria growth from accidental missed makeup, oils or residue which may have been left behind after any at home routine cleanses.

Your extension application is then carefully customized to each & every natural lash with the proper length, diameter, as well as style, to maintain the integrity of your natural lashes while they go through their natural growth cycles every 2-3 weeks.


Your natural lash growth cycle goes (in "simple visual terms") from "Baby stage", "Teen stage" to "Adult stage".  In the "Adult" longest natural lash stage (last phase) , it is recognized as a "Resting phase" when your natural lash reaches its longest point. Once that happens the "adult lash detaches from the follicle & a new baby lash re-grows pushing the adult lash out taking it's place as the cycle continues for every single natural lash (as they are all in different cycles on any given day).

Therefore because your natural lashes grow & shed on a daily basis eyelash extensions require on going maintenance categorized as a "touch-ups/re-fills" just like nail or hair appointments. For semi-permanent eyelash extensions this becomes routine every 1-4 weeks depending on your natural growth cycle, as well as your daily lifestyle, however the average person needs a touch up every 2-3 weeks.

As your natural lashes will constantly be growing & shedding, while each individual natural lash is on its own cycle, your lash specialist must remove all those old "grown out" extensions & replace them by adding new extensions in their place to keep a maintained full beautiful look.

If your eyelash extensions are not properly maintained with manual removals during fills (something which is not standard in the lash industry due to excessive glue usage and/or improper isolation by layering new extensions on top of old extensions by some lash artists who only care about the extensions "lasting as long as possible with no care to their clients eye health & safety). Those grown out extensions can turn/ flip becoming top heavy or if each individual natural lash is trapped & stuck to other natural lashes or extensions by excessive amounts of adhesive to where the natural lashes cannot shed or grow as they should, you will experience swelling, discomfort, pain & risk the chance of prematurely taking that natural lash out of the follicle which causes permanent damage!

However at LashMi, we pay special attention to detail making sure to do things right every time so your lashes can be worn long term with no risk of damage to the natural lashes, discomfort, pain, or worries for our clients! We do our utmost to get to know every client, always working with them towards finding the right lash treatment for every concern they might have.


If you want to hear more about any service, please contact LashMi today.

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