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Natural Volume Eyelash Extensions


The Lash Difference You Are Looking for!


The Natural Volume lash installation will completely replace the look of volumizing or fiber mascara as it provides your natural lashes with some dimensional volume, depth and texture. Great for those who wish to enhance their already healthy natural lashes but might be scared of “overdoing it”.


This application technique:


☑️ Provides volume,

☑️ Soft density, and

☑️ Enhances


Absolutely perfect for those who want a natural look but would like to add a little more lash density, & just want to wake up and go without fussing with any mascara and/or a eyelash curler.


Recommend for those who:

✨Have healthy natural lashes.

✨Normally wears a Waterproof, Fiber, or Volumizing mascara.

✨Wears light makeup or no makeup daily.

✨Prefers to be on the subtle, natural yet noticeable side of extensions.

✨Wants to get introduced to volume eyelash extensions.


Our “Natural Volume” is our dupe to “Hybrid Extensions” therefore if you currently have on hybrid extensions or like the look of hybrid eyelash extensions, this is the lash treatment that you would most prefer!


The detailed process explained/ Client Education:


Our Natural Volume lash installation is the original “Volume Advanced Technique” that was created in the eyelash extension industry originating in Russia sometime between 2010-2013.


It’s done by skillfully forming multiple lightweight individual volume specific fibers, the same length or shorter then the natural lash (1 fiber is only .07mm-.05mm in weight/thickness), that are created into a light volume bouquet “handmade dimensional fans” (depending on what that individual natural lash can support without being weighed down), in this case we do 2-4 extension fibers that are created into either a 2D, 3D, or 4D “fan” (D stands for Dimensional) which then gets bonded onto that 1 isolated natural eyelash the fan was created for.



These fans become the actual “volume” eyelash extensions applied, which are completely handmade (no “pre-made” fans used) during the application time of your custom lash service, by spreading a few (2-5) of the individual volume fibers out into a fan like shape. That fan is then picked up precisely so the base is about the same width as the natural lash it’s being applied to. Then the handmade extension fan is dipped in a very tiny amount of eyelash extension specific adhesive which is used to bond the natural lash & extension fan together.


This application provides very subtle volume dimensional depth & texture from those handmade “Natural Volume” fans & is repeated on each individual natural eyelash until the natural lash line coverage is achieved. Ensuring the health and integrity of the natural lash remains intact throughout duration of the natural lash cycles & extension wearing process until each individual lash sheds naturally.


Fans are made specific & custom for each of the individual natural eyelashes it’s being applied to, depending on which lash cycle it’s currently in. (As your natural lashes transition through their natural growth cycles the old extensions will need to be taken off & replaced with a new fan that’s more appropriate for that growth stage. Therefore the nature of eyelash extensions requires on- going maintenance with fills every 1-3 weeks if you wish to wear eyelash extensions indefinitely/ daily, otherwise your extensions will last no more then a month for a vacation or special event depending on how fast your hair grows & sheds naturally.)


For additional knowledge any “Volume” technique will always take more time & product used in comparison to any basic “Classic eyelash extension applications” for applying lashes and requires Advanced education & skill to be done properly.


Volume extensions are better & more ideal as they are healthier and safer for the eyes when applied correctly by certified professionals, however at LashMi we are "Lash Specialists" & specialize in ALL techniques of volume eyelash extensions! So you can ensure you are receiving high quality services from the best hands!


-New Clients-


Below is your initial pricing to become a client of ours, once you are a return client you receive “Loyal Client” prices we categorize as our “Express” “Regular” or “Lavish” Fills for ongoing Re-Fill maintenance appointments with us.


Natural Volume Full Set-

Required when a new installation of eyelash extensions need to be applied (no extensions currently on or less than 20 extensions per eye and/or 4 weeks+ since last fill). Each new Full Set includes a FREE removal if needed.


$280 2.5-3 hours



(New Client Fill)

Natural Volume Foreign fill-

If you are a new client transferring to our salon & currently have lash extensions on from another artist, you need a foreign fill, in which case please book a

“New Client Natural Volume Fill”

the time duration includes a new client foreign fill consultation.


Subject to change based on condition of lashes. Please be aware that under certain circumstances removal may be necessary & another appointment made for a new full set will be required depending on the condition and/or quality of lashes you come in with .


Requirements for a foreign/ new client fill is that 40 extensions per eye must be remaining (otherwise a new full set would be needed).

During this appointment we will discuss the lashes that are currently on & what options are possible for you, if the extensions you currently have on are safe for your eyes/natural lashes & up to our high standards a fill will be received as indicated.


$160 1.5-2 hours


Before Your Appointment

  • Come to appointment with a clean face.

  • Avoid mascara at least 24 hours prior.

  • Facials should be at least 48 hours on either side of appointment.

  • Avoid coffee/excessive caffeine prior to appointment.

  • Bring containers for contact lenses or if you prefer wear glasses to your appointments.





-Loyal Clients-

Below is our price list for our reoccurring “loyal” elite clientele.

We are so happy you continue to see the difference and recognize our value as your personal lash care providers & specialists!


We appreciate your love, support & business, we look forward to consistently giving you the best services & experiences possible!



​Express Fill: Natural Volume

Recommended once a week (weekly) for shorter more consistent fill appointments, those with fast hair growth or for quick touch ups before special occasions, holidays, weddings, photo shoots or events.


This is our quickest touch up therefore you must have majority of remaining extensions within a week of your last appointment.


We also emphasize to arrive on time to this appointment with freshly cleansed lashes (within 1 hour of scheduled appointment with 100% makeup & oil free lashes) for this fill option to really maximize lash application time.


Includes a very basic cleanse (if desired & can be opted out of by request) & limited removal of outgrowth/ old extension replacement.


Therefore, if you need a bit more lash TLC, have less than about 80% (less then 70 extensions on per eye or 140 total) of previous extensions left within 1 week of last fill & want a regular deep cleansing lash bath provided by lash specialist, instead opt for our “Regular fill” appointment instead for most optimal results.


$60 45mins



Regular Fill: Natural Volume


(Recommended every 2 weeks for clients with average hair growth.)


This option always includes removing & replacement & re-install of majority of grown out extensions as well as a thorough deep cleansing lash bath (but you must still arrive with clean makeup free lashes).


Must have at least a minimum of 50 extensions left per eye (100 total) remaining within 2 weeks of your last appointment, if you have less then 100 extensions remaining but 30 or more per eye (at least 60 total intact extensions) choose a “Lavish fill” to guarantee optimal satisfaction & lash fullness.

$110 1.5 hours



Lavish Fill: Natural Volume


Recommended every 3 weeks, ideal for clients with slower than average hair growth. Also recommended for those who prefer less consistent, longer appointments, or who want the absolute fullest lashes possible aside from a new install/full set.


Every Lavish fill includes complete extension out growth removal, replacement, & a deep cleaning lash bath.


Must have at least 30 extensions per eye (60 total intact extensions) within 3 weeks of last appointment, otherwise new full set is required for the healthiest & most gorgeous results possible. You must still always arrive with clean makeup free lashes to all eyelash extension appointments.

$160 2 hours

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