"Signature" Russian Volume Lash Extensions

FULL SET | 3.5 hrs| $390

Truly Beautiful Results

This Signature full set will create a lovely soft eye enhancing yet, defined 'voluminous' result. This set is not over done to the point others will "obviously know you have extensions". Although the goal of the Signature/Russian Volume set is to notice/question if you are wearing makeup or if  "those are your lashes", the end result will not take away from your natural beauty! Rather instead it will fully outline your eyes & help soften/ brighten the eyes to bring attention to all your wonderful beautiful features, while minimizing the attention to the unflattering ones such as bags, droopy lids & tired/ dull looking eyes.


This is the most requested & loved set for those who don't wish to wear makeup on a daily bases but want to still feel enhanced, confident, & beautiful without having to get ready!


LashMi's "Signature "lashes which is also known as "Russian Volume" lashes, is a technique only offered by stylists trained & certified in this Advanced eyelash extension application. This revolutionary technique involves "fanning" multiple (5-7) lightweight extensions to equal precision, dipping that fan in the perfect amount of adhesive, then bonding that handmade fan seamlessly to one isolated natural eyelash. 

​Russian volume is used to create depth, fullness, and texture to your lashes without added weight or compromising the integrity of your natural lashes. Each fan is handmade during the appointment, This method is lighter on the natural lash compared to the most basic standard technique of "a single Classic extension" which LashMi no longer offers for the reasons that LashMi prioritizes natural lash health, as well as beautiful longer lasting end results which Volume is known to be superior for.

Signature Fills/Touch-ups:


New Client from another Lash Artist: $130 2.5 hrs

Express (No Cleanse): $60 1hr

Regular: $110 2hrs

Lavish: $160 3hrs

LashMi Fills/Touch Ups:

*New clients with eyelash extensions from another artist MUST schedule a 'New client fill" for their first fill appointment. 

A consultation will be done prior to that fill appointment as there is no guaranteed Tiarra can fill in your previous' artists work based off their skill level, lash styling artistry, & application techniques.

After the consultation is complete your options will be discussed if the fill can be completed at the "New client fill" price as requested, or if a removal & new full set would be required to become a part of  LashMi's  Elite Clientele.*

  • Express Fill- Recommended weekly for shorter more consistent fill appointments, or for quick touch ups before special occasions, holidays, weddings, photo shoots or events. 80% of remaining previous full set/fill lashes required AND you must arrive on time to appointment with already freshly cleansed, 100% makeup & oil free lashes, for this fill option. Includes limited outgrowth removal so if you need a bit more lash TLC, have less than 80% lashes left & want a deep cleaning lash bath provided by lash specialist opt for a "Regular fill" appointment instead.

  • Regular Fill- Recommended every 2 weeks for clients with average hair growth. This option always includes removing & replacing grown out extensions & a thorough deep cleaning lash bath, but client must still arrive with clean makeup free lashes. Must have at least 70-60% of remaining previous full set/fill lashes left, if less remaining choose a "Lavish fill" to guarantee optimal satisfaction & lash fullness.


  • Lavish Fill- Recommended every 3 weeks ideal for clients with slower than average hair growth. Also recommended for those who prefer less consistent, longer appointments, Or who want the fullest lashes possible. Every Lavish fill includes complete extension out growth removal, replacement, & a deep cleaning lash bath. Client must still arrive with clean makeup free lashes AND must have at least 30 extensions per eye from previous full set/fill lashes left, otherwise new full set is required for the most gorgeous results possible.


  • NEW FULL SET- (4+ weeks or less than 20 extensions per eye) Due to the nature of our natural lash growth cycles which differs from person to person, your natural lashes are constantly ever changing & growing until they reach their full potential of becoming their thickest & longest length. Once a lash reaches its' peak phase, that lash actually stops growing & detaches from the follicle. As that process occurs the fully grown lash will shed, while a new baby lash begins to regrow taking its' place & the cycle repeats for every single natural eyelash you have. Each natural lash is on its own cycle, therefore as your eyelashes grow & shed so does the extensions attached, which is why fills are required. As those old extensions get replaced with more appropriate lengths & thickness it maintains the overall health & safety of your eyes/lashes so each eyelash can continue through is natural cycle without compromise. As a result your lash extensions will always look freshly applied & damage can't occur to that natural lash or lash follicle with long term daily wear of the extensions. Although the outgrowth process after 4 weeks may leave the client with extensions still attached the extensions outgrowth would be too far from the lash line that all extensions that seem intact must still be removed by that length of time. This is to make sure the integrity of the natural lashes & follicles remain intact, guaranteeing that extension outgrowth doesn't cause strain or unnecessary stress to that natural lash follicle, which can cause premature shedding & lash damage when improperly maintained.)